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Baby Mario and Luigi Frames - Handmade Gifts Rule!


I used Baby Mario and Luigi sprites for the themes and customized the frames with their names. The Mario frame is about 2 rows of beads too small to cover the whole frame so I'll have to paint the frame to hide it or add on some beads somehow. Or I just might keep the bad one for me and make a new one for my sister.

With these designs in mind, I plan to make baby shower frames for my store too. A Mario frame for boys and Peach frame for girls. People can customize them with the baby to be's name or I can just make them with It's a Boy or It's a Girl on them.

Demos of those ideas to soon follow.

Also I'm still taking Christmas orders at Pixelated Creations, but I need people to get them in as soon as possible or I won't have them done in time for Christmas. Email me for custom orders - [email protected]
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