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Monthly C-Blog Musings and Promoted Stories

Promoted Monthly Musings

Root of All Evil -- SWE3tMadness

That Which Must Be Done -- JT IceFire

You Pointless Samurai: Agent of Chaos -- Tubatic

Being Evil Should Be More Like Sex --kauza

Breaking Sasha's Promis -- Ashley Davis

The Player Is Dead -- VGFreak1225

Sh*t Just Got Real -- AgentMOO

The Poacher Class -- Dr Light ate your Magicite

Only Cream and Bastards Catch em All -- nekobun

Finger Relief = Dead GF? -- Neekius

Because You Had No Idea -- Beyamor

The Thief Formerly Known As Link -- Batthink

The Procrastinating Protagonist -- Dexter 345

Working Together? -- Capm Trevo

How Low Can You Go? -- Mighty Pinto

Promoted Stories of November

Come Take Your Pilgrimage To Gaming's One True Mecca -- kauza

My Guide To Making A Killer PC On The Cheap -- WastelandTraveler

Game Plots That Are Clearly Rip-Offs TV Shows and Movies -- Handy

Lessons On Taking Games Just Seriously Enough -- kauza

Eurogamer Expo PAX UK (Or Why I Love Dtoid UK) -- Anus Mcphanus

Staying Dry In A Sea Of Spoilers Is A Matter Of Building A Boat -- kauza

Off-Brand Games: Chex Quest -- megaStryke

Goodwill Hunting Episode 1: SNES and the Blank Cartridge -- ygro wok

Left 4 Dead 2: Interview With A Zombie 2 -- Mxyzptlk

Top Ten Games For People Who Hate Thanksgiving -- kauza

Style Savvy: The Review No One Needs For The Game No One Wants -- megaStryke

A Warning: Regrets From A Former Life And Experiences Yet Unlived -- kauza
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About crackity jonesone of us since 6:11 PM on 11.18.2007

Hey Dudebros, I'm Crackity Jones (Addison L.)

I co-host Pocketoid and I make word words on here. Some of my favorite games include: Pokemon, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 4, Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, Shadows of the Colossus, and Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask.


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