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More SSF4 tidbits!


A Capcom staff member has recently confirmed that there will be new alternative costumes in Super Street Fighter 4 and that the old alternatives outfits will also be compatible with the new game.

via tweetur

Good news for me, I spent like 8 bucks on costumes!

And in Capcommunity's forums had some questions for Seth Killean.

He's responded to some. I'm just gonna share the only interesting one.

In the character poll for Street Fighter 4, let's say that Cammy wasn't selected and Dudley won instead. If this happened, would there have been an extra character in Street Fighter 4?

Can Capcom tell us if Guy, Adon, and Cody will have the same moves and button inputs as they did in the Alpha series?

And can you say if you're planning on making Seth stronger?

Seth: To the first question, no, there wouldn't have been an extra character in SFIV, but there would have been a different character (with Dudley replacing someone else).

As for the Alpha characters move sets, there are some additions and changes, but anyone familiar with the characters original moves will be able to jump right in.

As for Seth... we'll just have to wait and see on that one.


What does this mean?

Adon, Cody, and Guy will play very similar to their alpha series, with most people being able to jump in and play if they are very familiar with each characters past iterations(I'm thinking KD Alpha's Guy is gonna be pretty good since he won a lot of tourneys with him in Alpha 3/ Cataract is always raving how beast his Adon is in Alpha 2, WE'LL SEE IF HE CAN PASS THE TRAIL OF THE DRAGONS IN SSF4 >:D).

Infact, andriasang.com has translated some pretty good stuff better informing us on the new alpha characters, Adon in particular.

"Regarding Adon in particular, Ono notes that in Alpha 3, you could change the character's move set based off your choice of one of three izms (playing styles). SFIV has no izm system in place, but they're hoping to pull moves from the Adon's various izms into the game.

As an example, Ono mentions the possibility of putting Adon's X-ism mid air jaguar kick into his standard move set. They're currently running through tests of this form."

And that mid air jaguar kick is in the trailer if you've missed it by any chance. Looks like Adon's moves, as well as most characters at this point, getting fine tunned. And the netcode is getting some work on. I'm glad to hear that.
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