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I'm going to tell you why each new fighter in this trailer is fighting the other character. It's all connected son.

First up, Cody.

Chun Li's coming after him because she's interpol, she's doing her yob. And Cody is basically saying fuck da police. What a baller.

Guy fighting Rose. A little trickier.

Rab says Guy's shoes seem to be a clue, they have an "S" on them instead of the nike logo(Capcom sure loves to dodge liscences), a Shadoloo S. Could guy be working for them? Ninja's are for hire, usually.

Or could it be Rose is looking for Guy to beat Bison just like she was looking for Ryu in SF4(If you played her in singleplayer, you'd see it in her rival match.) Guy is sorta the Ryu equivalent of the Final Fight series, i.e. the most well rounded/ well known(but Mike Haggar apparently has more fame on the internets).

Then there's Adon and Sagat.The singleplayer story for Sagat has the intro cutscene with him beating Adon's ass before entering Seth's tourney. Adon's quote in the trailer is "I'll show you just how strong I am!" He's got some revenege to dish out.

T. Hawk smashing El Fuerte. Obviously helping El Fuerte kill himself for being such a shitty character in comparison. And I guess them both being Mexican has something to do with it.

Juri/Bison. Juri is Seth's bitch. She would want to kill the guy Seth wants dead.

Speculation is fun.

At any rate, it seems the story in SSF4 is gonna be better. But I'm sure it's not gonna be at the level SNK puts in their fightans, a lot of those games that I've briefly played have almost RPG level shit in their story. Noice stuff.

And did everyone else notice this is first time we're gonna have characters from every iteration of the series (1, 2, Alpha series, 3[pending confirmation], IV) in one game?

Replayability that always come with fighters, improved netcode(the team is working on making sure everyone sees the matches in real time while spectating. Link here), team battle, lobbies(should've been in SF4-IM-JUST-SAYIN') as well as bonus stages, new stages, new music and two(1 unconfirmed, but very likely) new characters.

ANNNNND all at a reduced price point?

Son, what we have here is a winner.
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