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Blog Between Blogs : Dunno Edition


When we�re not talking about MW2, or nukes, I try to highlight some of the other titles out right now. One that�s been gaining some talk is Assassin�s Creed 2, which a lot of people say it completely fixed the problems in AC1. While I�m subject to be biased in the other direction, I have not played the game yet, so I�ll be doubtful a little.

Another little wonder that comes up every now and then is L4D2. I really expected more talk outta this one, simply because you can be a fat black guy killing zombies with a �ninja sword�. Really guys, put down the FAMAS, grab 3 friends, and show people why pirates suck at killing zombies.

The PSPGo got a little love. A buddy showed me Assassin�s Creed PSP, and it looked really beautiful, and ran really nicely. I don�t know how many frames it was pushing, but whatever the count was, it was smooth and constant. Then there were the general �Oh, That�s Nice�, from the clock, to the fact that it slides, to OMG SACKBOY ON THE GO SO KAWAII (I swear those Band kids�), so yeah, people stopped fapping on the iPod Touch for awhile and gave Sony some sex. But only for a day.

And well, that�s it. That�s all I got for you, nothing much happening. A lot of people jumping back on to Starcraft, New Moon doesn�t suck (allegedly), 2012 does (fact), and Borderlands is totally Diablo with guns. A lot of guns; like 6.02 x 10^23 guns. Or so I hear.

And what the hell is Slenderman?
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