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Introduction blog...10 blogs late.



So, umm...I made a owie. I accidentally posted like a bajillion blogs (hyperbole) and never thought to introduce myself. I'd like to finally remedy that. Everyone acknowledge my trespass? Can we move past it? Ok, good.

Down to brass tacks:

-My name is Lindy. People seem to have gender confusion when they hear that name, so allow me to clarify. I am a 26 year old dude, and not a lady.

-I work tech support for a software company in Phoenix.

-My avatar is "Guy" from the first Fire Emblem on GBA. He's a myrmidon, eventual swordmaster, and supreme badass. Fire Emblem is my favorite RPG series. Pick up any of the handheld iterations if you're interested, but avoid the Wii FE at all costs.

-I own a Wii, PS3, DS, and a respectable gaming PC. I recently sold my 360 because there just wasn't enough exclusive content to keep me interested. Also, I never, nor will I ever, pay for online play.

-Prior to this current generation of game consoles I was the hardest core Nintendo fanboy. I still have a hefty NES collection (roughly 80 games), and the SNES was a true friend during my formative years. The N64 was my pride and joy - the pinnacle of my gaming career. I wouldn't even touch a console that belonged to an opposing company. That's all changed now. Nintendo and I haven't broken up officially, but we both know it's over. Sure, we still have the occasional fling (New Super Mario Bros.), but I'm certain that our best days are behind us. Shame. I find that I'm more excited about virtual console releases than anything else in the Wii lineup, and that's just sad.

-I find the lack of pretension at Destructoid very refreshing, so I plan on sticking around. But if my last blog is any indication, you'd better get ready to read (because christ, that thing was wordy). I'll try to keep the word vomit to a minimum from now on.

Anyway, hi.
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