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Building a Video Game Canon Revival: Week 1, Frankenstein Edition!


Yes, it's alive...

Lasts weeks post got at least enough attention for one community member to react and submit new games to the videogame canon. I always like to see new people entering the discussion, because it keeps things fresh. It would be awesome though, to have a little bit more activity going on in the topic. Maybe I have to write more stuff into the blogs?

Anyway, here are the new submissions, all done by community member Palidi:

Final Fantasy Legend/Saga (Series) : one of the most detailed(I'd actually say of all time) series of RPG games for the original Gameboy. It also managed to introduce a new structure where characters grow stronger through use of weapons without experience points, differentiating itself from other RPGs in the crowd.

The Elder Scrolls(series): These games boasted the largest open worlds(Daggerfall), and even tried thing like crafting randomized worlds(Daggerfall), letting you kill anyone even if it breaks the game(Morrowind), and just generally simulating people's daily routines(Oblivion).

Warcraft 3: because it spawned a whole new subgenre of RTS games with the Defense of The Ancients mod.

Palidi also votes up for Seiken Densetsu, System Shock 2 and Portal. I haven't included the new submissions yet, because I want to have more discussions. So from now on, it will be more of a pain in the ass to actually get a game on to the list. I want people throwing pitchforks at each other in the Forum topic NOW!

Oh yes, Palidi also asks a fairly interesting question: Should Mods to popular games be included?
I really hope the topic will recieve a spike in interest, or else I'll loose motivation again...
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