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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - 1,000 GAMES! 1,000 GAMES! 1,000 GAMES!

Howdy again folks! It�s time for a VERY SPECIAL EDITION of A Compulsive Collector�s Haul! As I�ve stated in the last couple of editions, I�m running super behind on these, and well, this is my haul from immediately AFTER PAX to about the beginning of November. This is a very sentimental and memorable edition for me, as with this haul, I have brought my game collection to OVER 1,000 GAMES! Wait, what? Yeah, you read that correctly . . . ONE THOUSAND GAMES! Yes, I have finally broken the 1,000 game barrier and it was quite a special moment. So enough with the chit-chat, and let me share with you the wealth of games I have gotten this time around with some retro Sega Master System stuff, ATLUS, NIS, and Working Designs, Club Nintendo, a pretty rare version of a Zelda game, and more love for a little place I call Cash Converters!

So . . . 1,000 games . . . wow . . . simply wow . . . =S Never did I imagine that I would ever approach that many games. For a guy who didn�t really start collecting until about 4 years ago, it just boggles my mind. Looking back at my first blog on Destructoid, showing my setup, 1 year and 4 months ago, when I was celebrating my 600th game . . . it hits you pretty hard to realize that in that time I�ve added over 400 games . . . holy shit . . . holy fucking shit! I don�t even want to know how much money I�ve spent to build this collection, although, I know it could very well be even MORE than I�ve spent, if not for my thrifty hunting. All I know is that this is something I�m very proud to have and something to pride myself on.

With that said, I want to extend an EXTREMELY big thank you to possumwrangler, of whom I�ve known for pretty much 15 years now. My fellow collector, who still has more games than me (albeit, arguably not as many �quality� titles ;-D), but who has been my collecting buddy through thick and thin. God knows how many thousands of dollars we�ve spent at Cash Converters, EB Games, eBay, RosenQueen, etc. Plus, I don�t know how I�d even keep track of this absolute monster of a beast of a collection, without the �collection� file he made for both of us in Excel. Thanks mate . . . thanks! =D Next up would be my �second family,� the employees of Cash Converters. Over the past couple of years I�ve developed more than a regular customer/employee relationship with them, and would proudly call them my friends. A HUGE thanks goes to the one, the only, the man, Diamond Dave! A guy who has gone beyond the normal duty of a salesman to be a brother from another mother to me, and has done more for me, and has been one of the main reasons I�m able to continue my passion of collecting games. A shout out also goes to James, Jeff, David, Dan, Suzanne, Stephen, and Aron. Thanks guys! Zoel also gets a shout out for being my importer and translator when it comes to stuff that�s obscure or foreign to me. He�s the one who managed to get me The World Ends With You (otherwise known as It�s A Wonderful World) DS Lite for me. You da man holmes! Big thanks to all the people I�ve traded with on the RetroForceGO! Great Game Trading Thread. Finally, a GIANT thanks goes to Destructoid! I thank Niero and ALL my fellow Dtoiders for giving me a place to share my collecting exploits and allowing me to show you guys my collection. You guys rock! d(�-�d)

With that said, this ends yet another edition of A Compulsive Collector�s Haul. I�m already starting on the next edition, which has one super huge trade from the Trading Forum, and some other cool odds and ends. Thank you for reading this very special edition, and hopefully . . . dare I say . . . here�s to the next 1,000 games . . . ^_^
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