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SIDSLTITYWIWD: At Least It's Not Another MW2 Post Edition


Lego Rock Band

Last but not least is Lego Rock Band. Of all four of these games this one was the one I was the least excited about. I was unfamiliar with 90% of the setlist, it felt a lot like whoreware, and the idea of a kids music game seemed redundant to me. I was wrong. So very wrong. In fact I would argue Lego Rock Band is the best of all of these games beating out even The Beatles: Rock Band in my mind for best peripheral-based music game this year. I wouldn't trade it for the world and here's why:

Bionicle: Mask of Light
*Good setlist. Really good setlist. Songs I had forgotten about completely that I remembered from Shrek and even a Scrubs track makes an appearance here. And that's really what I admired about the setlist. After the classics and the radio rock you get songs from various popular kids movies and fun shows and you go "Oh yeah! That song!" Nothing against Band Hero (haven't played it yet) but I have to say this is a far more pleasant strategy than pulling a bunch of Top 40s tracks and I have to give Harmonix and TT props for it.
*Great Lego game humor. The game actually follows a plot, the plot is fun, and the presentation is top notch.
*Rock Power Challenge thingies are a blast. They're what Harmonix should do in replacement of music videos for Rock Band 3.
*Fills the lonely gap between this holiday season and the next when we can assume Rock Band 3 is coming out. There a lot of great ideas and things that I think they'd be fools not to bring into RB3.
*You can export the entire setlist and that's awesome. Even better perhaps is that the game let's you play select kid friendly DLC and RB1 songs. See Neversoft this is how you do a non-band specific spin-off.
*Lego Queen. I fully expect to see this at my local Toys R' Us.

Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows
*For a Lego game the customization here sucks bulloks. The character builder is my main target here. It's just...no fun. You're very limited in the number of things you can do. However I will say when you find a minifigure or a combo you like...it's adorable.
*How did this get an E10+ rating? Umm, Suddenly I See, a track you'll be playing a lot of, has the line "Why the hell," over and over.
*The songs that suck do suck A LOT. Good Charlotte, Blink-182, Rascal Flatts, Razorlight, and Incubus can all kiss my ass.
*No Bowie/Freddie duet singing Under Pressure.
*While this didn't bum me out some might be bummed that there's no online. So if you want to play these tracks online you'll have to pony up for the $10 export fee and play 'em in Rock Band 2.

So there's my batch of mini-reviews. I got my ODST and Prince of Persia last night (literally right after beating Lego Rock Band...even when Gamefly fails they succeed).So definitely expect that lineup for the next SIDSLTITYWIWD (hmm...maybe SID is shorter). I'll probably be picking up Dragon Age next week since everyone's gushing about it and according to Elsa I can be a slut and sleep with redheads and have threesomes.

What you expect me to say no to a redhead? Bitch, please.
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