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Stop being a passive gamer.


You likely know someone who ALWAYS chooses Falco in Super Smash. Or they ALWAYS choose Ken in Street Fighter. Maybe you are this person. This is another passive gaming behavior; and frankly, it�s just a waste of money. Would you pay full price to see a movie and only watch the first 15 minutes? Those 15 minutes may be your favorite part of the movie, but you�re still not getting the whole picture, or your money�s worth.

When it comes to competitive multiplayer, I�m actually pretty good about being �active�. In Super Smash I tend to suck in 4 player matches when I play as Fox. One on one, I can kick my fair share of ass with McCloud, but in a 4 person fight I seem to have more accidental or just plain stupid deaths. So if I know I�m going to play a 4 person brawl, I usually switch it up to Donkey Kong � a stronger, heavier character who I feel is more tailored to fights with more combatants. A passive gamer doesn�t do this. They stick to the character they�ve trained the most with, and don�t mix up their strategies to accommodate the game.

Same goes for Team Fortress 2. So often I�ll jump into a game and find that no one on either side is a Heavy, or Demoman, or Engineer etc... Instead of jumping into my comfort zone and choosing sniper, I�ll usually try to choose a class that my team could use more of at the moment. And it almost always pays off.

Short story long: you can�t make a shitty game a masterpiece, but you can exercise what agency you have to avoid making your game as bland as white toast. Next time you pop in a game you consider mediocre, try surprising yourself with some Strawberry jam on that toast. And by Strawberry jam, I mean: Don�t Use Falco. Or do. If you don�t normally, I mean. It�s a broken metaphor, shut up.
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