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Destructoid Street Fighter 4 tournament[360].

Please excuse my inane bickering on this vid. I was talking to the Rufus player.

KD_Alpha(Old school Dtoider/Rufus in this vid!) and I have decided to run a tourney since we still need a 5th on our All-Star team, but more importantly, we wanna STFUAJPG with y'all.

Here are the rules and terms and shit.

Date: Sunday, November 15, 2009 (TENTATIVE)

1. All games will be 3 out of 5 Round Matches.

2. First to win 2 sets wins and advances.

3. You can change characters between matches in the same set ONLY IF YOU LOSE a match. Once you lose you go to the Losers Bracket.

4. If you win 2 Losers Bracket matches in a row, you go back to the Winners Bracket for a chance to advance.

5. If you lose two Winners Bracket matches, you are out of the tournament.

6. You can pick any character you want.

Signing up is easy now thanks to the modern advances in Dtoid technology.Dtoid Forums(which you fuckers should go to for some real discussions).

Here's the link.

C'mon guys.

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