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Celebrating Halloween like its 1999

I love fighters but I'm not really a guilty gear player, I find its gameplay mechanics not that appealing to me when is played at a competitive level and all fighters live and die for there competitive play.

However I love Faust and I always wanted to dress up as him. So I decided to follow Ashley's advice and I went as him this halloween.

My friend went as edward scissorhands and the random girl is from the thundercats.

I loved the costume because I had everything i needed to be him, I only had to make the scalpel with foil paper. It took me about half hour to find everything i needed from my wardrove.

Also it was fun that nobody knew who is faust, only my friend did and everyone kept staring at me because they didnt know who i was dressed up as. They thought i was some kind of crazy doctor. And i kept bumping into people because i couldnt see anything on the left side .

This is how i look without all the costume.

It was a fun experience dressing up as Faust. Next year I should go as face. Thanks Ashley for the awesome inspiration your article gave me.
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