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The Internet stole my gamers high!

Gamers high is like runners high. In case you don't know what that is, i suggest you try it! Just keep running and running until it hurts. Then run some more. Then the pain will go away and transform into a great feeling. Or your knees turn to jelly, you fall and break your face.
Either way - you will feel more or less lightheaded, happy and calm afterwards caused by the "runners high"... or the painkillers from the paramedics.

I first got a gamers high from Tetris when i was about 8 years old and finally saw the big russian rocket after you beat the type B game at level 9 and height 5. It was so unbelievable hard to beat that fucking game, i even tried to curse at it in fake russian to make it mad and exploit it's weakness. And of course to make me laugh at myself. But instead it made me mad. And stubborn. So i played until it hurt and then i played some more. And more. Repeat until succeed.
But in the end, after seeing the russians dance i thought "that's it, dance for me, idiots! I am your god!"
Actually i think i just jumped across the room and cried tears of joy. But it got me hooked.
I had beaten the game, i was a hero and now i was ready to go and beat Gargoyle's Quest!

Ah well, fuck that stupid game!
Destroyer of my self esteem! Harbinger of so much pain and suffering! I curse you, stupid gargoyle! Can you hear me? Die! Eat batshit and DIE!!

Where was i?
Ah yes, the gamers high. What a wonderfull feeling after beating the all the bad guys, rescuing the princess or making all the blocks disappear. The endless hour when you've been consumed by a game and it is so challenging in the right sense of the word that it sends a relaxing shiver down your spine after beating the last boss. You feel like a bird flying through the sun and surviving it, you are the one and only, Neo and the God of war in one person. You are allmighty!
It doesn't matter that the cool kids beat the crap out of you in school. Or that the only girl that touches you is your 40 year old creepy doctor. When you look in the mirror you don't see the nervous, shy Geek with bad skin, you see Link, covered in Moblinblood and humping Zelda!

Then came the internet

And it made you feel inadequate, small and a part of the mass again. What's it worth rescuing the princess if everyone else does it, too? And how can you be proud of beating Tetris Type B every time, when you see japanese kids playing invisible tetris on lightspeed mode? The fucking blocks are in-fucking-visible?! And they are like super fast? How does he even... what the FUCK!?

So there you have it. It doesn't matter how often you'll tell yourself that all the painfull speedruns and almost robot like insane-mode videos won't touch you, because singleplayer isn't about competing. In the end you know i'm right. The feeling of beating the bad guy after hours, even days of suffering for the first time - it will never be the same again after seeing a bored kid beating the shit out of a game in under an hour, while you spent days or weeks cursing and leaving bitemarks all over the controller.
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