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(short) Despingation FTW!


If you follow Destructoid on Twitter, you probably has noticed the "Destructoid + Salsa Music + Google Translate = Despingation"

Words can't describe the high level of awesomeness of this Joke for the Moment, I Just love it and I was Impressed of the nearly accurate Google translation, some minor flaws and that "Destructoid" was translated as "VidaExtra" or ExtraLife, something funny considering the fact that VidaExtra it's a real spanish gaming site (not a good one, but, meh), and despite of that, the translation was pretty good.

And thanks for the music, it makes me fell like I was at home (kind of)

But the point of the this blog entry is this:

Some friends on Facebook, Twitter and MSN told me: "Hey dude, don't you know? Dtoid has an Spanish section" or "Yay! now we have Dtoid in Spanish!". They not visit the site often, but It was surprinsing for me to saw that reactions.

Niero comment on one of my older entries that Despingation was and idea he had for an old gaming spanish site, but he gets to distracted with Dtoid.

So, the question, there's any chance of get an Spanish Dtoid (I mena, dedicated translation or even originals) or something like that? I know that maybe Spanish isn't a Worldwide lenguaje or even a powerful market (or stuff like that) But it would be awesome to have an option like that and, by the way, get more people to visit the site.

That's all for me this week. Later.

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