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The Chewie and Nelson Perspective: Demon's Souls, Nelson Edition


The Chewie and Nelson Perspective is a project between Mr.Chewie and Volkarin (Nelson). We will be exclusively reviewing games with Co-op play, as well commenting on what it was like to play one with one another. There will be both a Chewie Edition and a Nelson Edition of our reviews under our respective c-blogs,

So ladies and gentleman my co-op co host, that's probably not right, and wing man Mr.Chewie and I decided to take part in the harvesting of Souls to save Boletaria. That is correct we dove into the ever unforgiving Demon's Souls.

The Beginning
The game starts off by letting you select a class and customizing his/her look, and trust me it's really hard to try and make a character that's not disturbing, and then the game kills surprise surprise your revived and are forever left to wander the Nexus or you can explore and try and save Boletaria. The game shoots you into the first world at that moment and time multiplayer was still not accessible so I went at it alone like a goddamned man. When I noticed wispy white creatures about at first I thought they were enemies and proceeded to attack but to no avail I came to the realization, and after reading about it, that those were the people who are also playing. After playing a bit I got the hang of it and was filled with confidence and for that was filled with knives for thinking that was anything. Eventually go to the first boss and beat him easily. Afterward I was rewarded with souls and the ability to go back to the Nexus also the stones of multiplayerability, not a real word.

The Getting there
So after some leveling trying to sell my gear to the smith which he wouldn't take I went back to Boletaria to face more Demons but this time with a friend. But the first problem we ran into was that one of us needed to be dead to do be able to assist one another and we argued on who'd die we argued but I decided to do so and killed my self but like an idiot Mr.Chewie decided to venture off and challenge the Red Knight and of course got skewered and so we had to kill one more Demon and I had to kill myself again.

Actually getting to play with Chewie
After much failure, on my friends part, we finally got the show on the road. We progressed extremely slowly because I was doing all the work he on the other hand was acting as though he was the prince of gay town, he likes to get into his character. As he kept prancing around I slayed the many monsters till we finally got to the Tower Knight I had thought that with a friend this would be easy. As soon as the game started I dashed up the stairs to dispose of the archers the idiot stayed down there to try and combat the Tower Knight needless to say he got murdered. I was low on health and saw I wasn't going to beat it so I just said " Fuck this! " and got killed

The Breakdown
Mr.Chewie Co-Op score: 2, He doesn't deserve this score it's too good for him he was utterly useless and died incredibly stupidly but at least he was amusing.

Demon's Souls Co-Op score: 8, While it may be a bitch to get it going but when it works is so fun to play with your friends, it's rewarding to fell a tough demon with your buddy and your both rewarded you revive and get souls while he gets souls and gets to go to the next level.

Demon's Souls score: 9, The game is simply amazing it looks really good, plays amazingly, and you just get an amazing since of accomplishment through the game definitely a buy for PS3 owners.

And for my partner's view on the matter follow the link thank you and now play with each other.
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