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Danzflor's Soundy Tuesdays: Mah Mash Up's


In my attempt to blog daily, I bring to you some music! YAY! Because Dtoid Likes Music (not for nothing we have dTunes) so every tuesday we're going to have some stuff, In what I have been working (mixing) and what I found on the interwebs.

You should probably ask, why not just simple put your toughts on the dTunes Blog? It's because my musical taste it's very different from normal rock and other "normal" music styles. You will see.

First! Let Put some Mash Up I've doing just for the lulz.

The First is from Dance Dance Revolution! Listening to my library I notices that these two song sound very similar (maybe because both are from the same artist? duh) so I to arrange some BPMs and some cuts and This is the Result

Joga - Dam Dariram (DDR 4th Mix)
Joga - Bye Bye Baby Balloon (DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix)

(sorry about the image crappy quality :P)

The Second tune is one that I wanted to do a long ago. Every time on Youtube always pop some Smash Bros. Brawl Song Version Mix with the original one, but looking for one I've never find a decent (or at least one video) for this one. So this is the result.

02 Theme Song. Brawl Version vs Original N64 Version.

I believe the result was pretty kick ass :)

And finally some of the Music I like to listen, this one is from Renard, a canadian producer who has a lot of free time and he's always launching EP's on his site and some free stuff, like a Stepmania based called Mungyodance (I love that game *.*), you can check all his stuff on his Youtube page. Now here is one of my favorite tunes (also a Boss Song in his game)

So, that is for today, hope you like this stuff. Tomorrow... well I have no clue was going to happen tomorrow, but, since I want to blog daily, something must happen, see you tomorrow! ^^
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