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Oh Politicians, Really? No idea that Videogames will cause an Apocalypsis!


And also they want to put a "special" parental control on every sold console.
And all of these is happening due to violent acts happening around to world, but the facts say other thing. Documents like this show how the victimization levels are going down (according to the USA Justice Office).

I Support the fact of controlling sales of violent games to children, but things like that are ridiculous, Chile and Latinoamerica aren't an important market for videogames developers and things like this just make our situation worst. Even more if your recall what happening in Venezuela.

Also I'm watching "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" SE 07. EP 03. where they talk about this situation and a lot of friends agree with that.

So, blame the game, the politicians, the parents, what do we do? I would love to know your opinion about this =)

I Know, this is a repeptitive issue nowdays but for me it's really important to know what The destructoid community has to say about it (and also it's going to help me a lot)

So, that is for today, I see you tomorrow with some music in my new pixelated world :3
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