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Did anybody else draw these as a kid?


Ah, 6th grade. A time of Pogs, Magic Eye books, and crippling pubescence. I suppose my own hormonal shifts coupled with the visual rhetoric of games like the Nes Castlevania caused me to whip up one of these bad boys on a daily basis, likely during �Science� class when I should have been reading about Chlorophyll or some shit.

I remember calling them �death houses�. Still a good name: brief and to the point.

This crude MS-Paint re-imagining hits the highlights:

-There were always spikes and spike pits.
-Lava was a must.
-There was always a locked door and a key to find in order to open it.
-And then usually some weapon that was �hidden� that had to be collected in order to kill the boss.

I remember my friends always scratching out the boss to symbolize his defeat. That always pissed me off cause he usually took the longest time to draw. Fucking 6th grade art critics.

And then Jordan Mechner totally stole my ideas and built some game franchise on it. I�m still seeking royalties from Ubisoft. Court date pending.

So how about it? You ever draw these? Have a friend who did?
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