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Destroy some Killergames, get a free shirt!

Ah, Germany.
Despite having played an awfull soccer match against Finnland yesterday, you can get one officially signed shirt of their national soccer team, if you come in front of the opera in Stuttgart and destroy some so-called "Killer-Games" (or "Killerspiele" in German). This is an event which is organised by a group consisting of families which have taken damage due to the killing spree in Winnenden, about seven months ago.

While the action itself is totally inappropriate, popularistic and nosensical, just take a look at one of the images that are used in order to promote it:

Isn't that nice? It's usually an image which is used against the Neo-Nazi movement in Germany.

Living close to Germany myself, I am really worried about some movements there. The rather open hatred against videogames is really terrible. It was awfull years ago, but this is evolving more and more into an insane witch-hunt. The thing that is even worse is the fact that other countries in Europe more and more sympathize which such tendencies.

Source: GoNintendo
Source: Famillien gegen Killerspiele (German)
Source: Gamepolitics
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