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Nothing is Sacred: Quiet Down Kiddies.

Voice chat? Wiispeak? XBox headsets? All of that has to go. Maybe not for the entire world, maybe there are a select few who we can trust to use that dangerous technology, but giving out casual voice chat to any and all users of a console is just pandering to idiots. And I know they're idiots because I've been online with them. How could they be anything other than idiots? My entire interaction with my gaming brethren has been constant streams of profanity, racial epithets, and sexual bigotry. If this is the entirety of my interaction with you, if the only thing I will ever know about you is that you like to use m*thaf*kkinn*gguhf*g*ss as a punctuation mark, then that's it. You're a moron. I won't ever care to know about your sister's cancer operation or your silver medal in the high dive. I don't want to find out that you had a really hard time coming to terms with your parent's divorce or that you start laughing uncontrollably when there's a lightning storm outside. All I know is that you irritate me. You are subhuman and I want to never have anything to do with you.

(Xbox Live)
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