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Beneath the Pixels (Game Club) Announcement Post: Wind Waker


After a week long delay, Beneath the Pixels (recently renamed from Game Club) is now set to go. I�ve got the details ready for all of you lovely people to participate. Though, I�m not going to pretend I know what I�m doing. No pretenses here. This could be a complete failure, but hopefully you�re curious enough about it to participate. This way we can all fail as a group if things go completely bad!

I�ve decided with the help of a few community members that the game to break the ice will be The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker. It certainly isn�t a particularly short game like I originally wanted, but it was something I have been wanting to play for a long time.

Since I haven�t played it, my two partners in crime did and have been able to help with finding a spot to stop. Ryu89 has decided that stopping right after �Dragon Roost Cavern� would be appropriate, so look out for that. We will. I don�t mind if you play on ahead, but you won�t be able to discuss anything outside of our stopping location on the post.

I realize that not all gamers play alike, but I doubt any of us are going to try to 100% the game. You might if you have time, but we�re going to be strolling through it casually. That�s going to be a lot of the fun, though. It�s seeing how differently other people play the game. That goes for difficulty and which platform you decide to play any particular game on.

We�re splitting the Wind Waker discussion into three parts. We should be done with Wind Waker by the end of October. Plans for the next one have not been fully thought out, but we have decided on possibly having the next game selection go up as a vote. I�ll have a list of about 3 or 5 games and whatever wins will be the next topic. Again, all of us depends on mine and your motivation to keep this thing alive. I�m a simple man, though. A small group of fans will more than likely be enough to keep me at it.

I should reiterate what Beneath the Pixels is really about to avoid confusion. We�re not going to review a game. This isn�t a buyer�s guide. This is us playing a game for a set period and having a quasi-educated discussion about it.

We�ll have 3 main community members -- one of which will be me -- discussing on the blog, and I�m hoping that we will have discussion bleeding into the comments. This will only work with community participation, so I hope many of you have a copy of Wind Waker and a Wii/Gamecube laying around to follow us with.

So that�s it! Look out for the first real BtP blog next Wednesday where we�ll end the first part and start the second one. That will also be your chance to discuss your experience with the game in that blog�s comment.

The three of us discussing this month's game are Jonathan Ross, Ryu89, and me.

Special thanks to Ryu89 for the new name and the idea of leaving the game choices go to a vote.


Got any game suggestions? Want to be a part of the blog�s main discussion? E-mail me with the subject line �Game Suggestion� or �I want in�� for the latter. If you want to be part of the three amigos, please leave your Destructoid username and the best way to contact you electronically.
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