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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Release Possible: A Glimmer of Hope


For any Dtoiders that haven't been hounding the SSF4 Arcade Release Petition thread at Shoryuken.com, I think it's worth mentioning that an Arcade release has not been completely ruled out as of yet. SRK member Askia pointed out a post on Capcom's japanese Street Fighter IV Blog that (according to...特別な外人) apparently translates to something to the effect of this...

"Right now, it isn't 100% certain that SSF4 will not get an arcade release. I'd first like to let you know, we've decided not to abandon the [Super] Street Fighter 4 for Arcade. Because we don't want to quench the enormous flame people have for the game, I think we'd like to continue it, but everyone, we need your assistance!'...I know it was written in such a rare, serious way, but we want to make sure everyone (Everyone who plays SSF4 in Arcades, and everyone who plays SSF4 at home) knows that we're putting the finishing touches on something that is fun for everyone! Similar to SF4, because the development staff is working as hard as possible without any compromise creating this game, please wait with hope!"

So it seems that there are some brave souls over at Capcom who are still fighting to have an arcade release of the newest SFIV iteration, and an eventual arcade release is still very possible. People deeply immersed in the fighting-game community understand just how much the exclusion of this game from arcades would effect Street Fighter IV's relevance in the competitive fighting-game scene. Even if you're not a petition guy, I implore anyone who cares about this matter to take 20 seconds to sign the petition--it can't hurt, and Capcom seems to be still on the fence about this, so outcry from customers might knock them off that fence and onto the right side, the arcade side.
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