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Blog Between Blogs: Sick Blog Edition

God, this flu shit is the worst.

Anyways, I've gotten that urge to tell you guys about shit none of yall could care about. Don't worry, I'll try to keep it as concise and to the point as I can. I'm not that good at it though, If I GT English essay's say anything about it. I'm so glad I'm working to be a programmer.

Speaking of programming, I've recently been introduced to Alice. It's a basic, Java based programming....program, and it's actually pretty cool. Instead of typing in all of this complicated code to get a character to walk around in a circle, you just click and drag the actions you want, such as "Bunny move 3 meters as seen by Tree), to make the bunny walk around the tree. Of course, you can get much more complicated with it, with loops and number variable statements and object properties, but basically, it's drag and drop. I like it that my highschool it allowing us to use this, because hell, it's not BASIC. I hear BASIC is horrible.

I told you about my promise to start finishing games right? Well, it's coming along slowly. School/Scribblenauts really put a hamper in previous projects, but I've started a new file in Pokemon Emerald. I have finished the game before, but I cheated heavily because I needed Rayquaza. Like, a lot of Rayquaza.

Don't ask.

Pokemon Emerald is going to be a nice finish, because it's portable, and when the teachers let me loose, I can whip out the old Triforce DSLite and attempt to catch them all. By the way, I'm not actually going to attempt that, shit was crazy enough with Pokemon Diamond. I still haven't seen 180+ Pokemon, and that game is internet enabled.

At least it's not Digimon. 800+. FFFFFFFFFFFFU-

Speaking back on programming, I wanna start using Source in my spare time. At first, I just wanna use character models and stuff to make (crappy) Machinima and stuff. I don't wanna get into heavy Mods (lol, Heavy), but I'd like to at least use FacePoser. And the Hammer Editor. I'll step up into the heavy shit once I get Java into my belt of useful tools.

So yeah, any Ideas, words of advice, or encouragement would be nice. Or you could send my a copy of Garry's Mod. That be excellent.

So, I've got my potential Purchases schedule down to the wire. These are based on estimates on how much money I can scrounge up doing weird shit around the house, since that's pretty much the only way I'm going to make money at the moment. I definitely need a real job (that doesn't include being a secretary*) AND I WILL TAKE ANY I CAN FIND COUGHCOUGHNIEROCOUGHCOUGHWHEEZE.

Those last few coughs where real. I have to sanitize my keyboard as soon as I'm finished.

Any-who, here's the breakdown.

Borderlands (Hopefully October/November. It depends on cash flow)
Brutal Legend (Christmas, Definite/Maybe Thanksgiving. Depends on cash flow for latter)
Modern Warfare 2 (Christmas, Definite)
Windowsill (As soon as fucking possible)
Garry's Mod (When Opportunity Opens Up)
Uncharted 2: Honor Among Thieves (Christmas, Not Determined if Definite Yet)
King Of Fighters XII (As soon as Opportunity Opens Up)

And that's it for this year. I plan on dropping cash on 3 more games before next year. Hopefully, by next year, a job opportunity will open up and the Spring Rush will be a bit less RAGE.

Which brings me to my last topic for this sick day. Epic Mickey, if it's even real, looks to be something I'd definitely get my hands on, and it's totally because of the style of the game.

I don't like to sound like a sheep, but Post Apoc is the shit for me. I like the look of everything looking so useful yet broken, and yet, whether it was 3 months of 300 years ago, people wouldn't have thought twice about it's worth in their lives. I know, I know, Post Apoc is brown, and I'm a strong believer in using the color spectrum, even if it'll blind you (see: Mirror's Edge), but I can get past the color of the stuff if the stuff itself looks interesting.

Which is why the Steam-Post Apoc-Punk style of Epic Mickey (if it's called that, and if it exists) has me greatly excited. The once happy world of the Disney Universe manages to take a turn for the worst, yet still maintain the happy look of the Disney Universe. It's like one of those homicidal clowns you see in movies or Twisted Metal, only make a whole universe out of it, and make it steampunk.

Yeah, that's awesome. To me, at least.

Well, that's everything I think I have to say. I think.

Super Street Fighter 4 better be 30 bucks or less, BlazBlue: Continumm Shift should be DLC or 20 bucks or less (what am I saying? I'll pay a full $60 if V13/V11 is nerf'd), Lucidity looks awesome, but I hope there's a demo for the PC version, and I need to get in the APB beta, because APB looks boss.

Yeah, now I'm finished.

*= I'll work as a secretary for Destructoid...or if Tim Schafer is somehow reading this, Double Fine, or any company you can refer me to. I make awesome phone calls.
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