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I've been on Dtoid for a year and 26 days, and I want to make love to all of you


I can't believe that I wrote my first Cblog post a year and 26 days ago. I never did make a proper intro post for the site, my first entry was just a few opinions on Metal Gear Solid 4. It's actually super interesting looking back at the comments. Since I was such a noob back then, I really had no idea what to expect from the community, especially since I actually know some of you in real life from meeting you at PAX! Some people were nice like MaxVest and EternalDeathSlayer, while others just told me to GTFO. =D

But I'm glad I stayed around cause I learned better. I became a better writer, and this site landed me a gig over on NegativeGamer as a news writer, and a place on the Backwards-Compatible gaming podcast.

But nothing matters more than my Dtoid homeboys. One of the best decisions I have ever made was going to PAX this year. I met some of the most amazing and nice people on the entire planet there, and I really do consider each and every one of you good friends. I love you guys so much I'm working at McDonald's to save up enough money to go to Boston in March for PAX East. I love you guys that much :P

I want to travel all over the world and see all of you, at some time in the future I plan on going to San Fransisco, New York, Los Angeles, Australia (GHost is lonely), and the UK (BUNNYRABBITMIKEY!). Even though I seen all you guys under a month ago, I miss you more than words.

I really can't put into words just how much love I have for the Destructoid community. I'm so glad I stumbled on the site all those months ago during my grade 11 computer class, I can't wait to see what Dtoid can evolve into the future!

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