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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Mega Late PRE-PAX, 900th and 950th Games, From One Collector To Another, RFGO Trading, and Tons of Awesome Edition!


*NOTE: Until I get home tonight, some pictures are missing, due to the fact I forgot to black out the addresses.*

Howdy folks! Itís time for an EXTREMELY SUPER ULTRA late entry into A Compulsive Collectorís Haul. So, Iíve actually been trying to get this post up for roughly TWO freaking months, aka, around July. But between working full-time in the summer, going to PAX, just getting a crapload of stuff, and figuring out school and two part-time jobs, Iíve simply not had the time. On top of that, Iím trying to get my PAX blog done, as well as another TWO entries into this series, one for PAX, and one for POST-PAX. Still, enough talking, here is my PRE-PAX haul, full of super awesome win, my 900th and 950th games, one collectorís games going to another, tons of awesome RetroForceGO Trading, a little place called Cash Converters, and gifts from a friend moving away! Itís honestly been so long, I canít even remember which games were my 900th and 950th so Iíll let you guys just choose. On with the show!

Depending on whoís looking at this blog and all, I may have just made a ton of you all jealous and such. As we have here some Final Fantasy VII Figures that were also made by Bandai, featuring pretty much everyoneís favorites. Once again, I owe this to my buddy who wanted to sell them to me, since he knew Iíd give them a good home.

Well thatís it for another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! With massive 2 and 3 hour breaks between all of my classes, Iíve finally found some time to work on my backlog of blogs. I also have some long overdue shout outs to some members, such as GrumpyTurtle mentioning me in one of his blogs after a long absence, CWal37 for his mad epic and awesome SNES haul, for Wry Guy for giving a shout out to me in his ďTrading With PersonalityĒ article, and for ChillyBilly for being another collector who posts his stuff. As I stated at the beginning of this blog, stay tuned for a PAX and POST-PAX edition of this series, and some long hard thought thoughts about PAX and Destructoid in general. Until next time, laterz!
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