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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Mega Late PRE-PAX, 900th and 950th Games, From One Collector To Another, RFGO Trading, and Tons of Awesome Edition!


*NOTE: Until I get home tonight, some pictures are missing, due to the fact I forgot to black out the addresses.*

Howdy folks! It�s time for an EXTREMELY SUPER ULTRA late entry into A Compulsive Collector�s Haul. So, I�ve actually been trying to get this post up for roughly TWO freaking months, aka, around July. But between working full-time in the summer, going to PAX, just getting a crapload of stuff, and figuring out school and two part-time jobs, I�ve simply not had the time. On top of that, I�m trying to get my PAX blog done, as well as another TWO entries into this series, one for PAX, and one for POST-PAX. Still, enough talking, here is my PRE-PAX haul, full of super awesome win, my 900th and 950th games, one collector�s games going to another, tons of awesome RetroForceGO Trading, a little place called Cash Converters, and gifts from a friend moving away! It�s honestly been so long, I can�t even remember which games were my 900th and 950th so I�ll let you guys just choose. On with the show!

Depending on who�s looking at this blog and all, I may have just made a ton of you all jealous and such. As we have here some Final Fantasy VII Figures that were also made by Bandai, featuring pretty much everyone�s favorites. Once again, I owe this to my buddy who wanted to sell them to me, since he knew I�d give them a good home.

Well that�s it for another edition of A Compulsive Collector�s Haul! With massive 2 and 3 hour breaks between all of my classes, I�ve finally found some time to work on my backlog of blogs. I also have some long overdue shout outs to some members, such as GrumpyTurtle mentioning me in one of his blogs after a long absence, CWal37 for his mad epic and awesome SNES haul, for Wry Guy for giving a shout out to me in his �Trading With Personality� article, and for ChillyBilly for being another collector who posts his stuff. As I stated at the beginning of this blog, stay tuned for a PAX and POST-PAX edition of this series, and some long hard thought thoughts about PAX and Destructoid in general. Until next time, laterz!
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