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Disaster: Day of Crisis Review


Between the missions, you will get the opportunity to upgrade your weapons and the skills of youre protagonist. The upgrade are not really important, and most of the times it is hard to notice the more subtle changes. Other upgrades, like the ones that let you carry more ammo or give your weapons bigger clips, are really great and enhance your experience. There is also a shooting range accessible in between the missions, where you can unlock new weapons. This is, of course, completely mandatory since the three main weapons, pistol, shotgun and automatic rifle, are enough to tackle every fight in the game. Also the on with the bear. It's amazing how many bullets he can take. Same goes for the bosses. Speaking about the boss battles: They are easily the highlights of the game, event though it is downright frightening how many bullets one single person can take. At least, the battles are always frantic and engaging because they always take place in a natural disaster, which mixes things up a bit.

The game is about 6-8 hours long in your first playthrough. Since it has an upgrade system for Raymond and for his weapons as well as some unlockable weapons and outfits, there is some replay value. 100 achievements and an additional difficulty setting provide further motivation for a second playthrough.

I enjoyed the game for the most part. While it doesn't excel in any part, it is quite competent overall. I would give it a 6.5 out of 10. Nothing excellent but nothing really terrible can be found in this game. Worth your 20-30.
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