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Building a Video Game Canon, Week 18: Dreamcast Update Edition!

After a long break, the Video Game Canon gets finally a new update. Since last week was fully focused on the Dreamcast, there are some new games that made it on the list:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Possibly the greatest fighting game ever made. It's not a game whose depth comes from five different meters to keep track of, but it's amazing depth comes from it's actual mechanics. (LK404).

Samba De Amigo
DDR is intimidating; Samba De Amigo is welcoming. Shaking maracas is so charming that even people who play on easy are smiling while they play. Instead of weird, high-speed techno music, Samba De Amigo had cheesy, upbeat songs like Ricky Martin's "Cup of Life." (LK404)

There are still many games on the list that don't have any explanations yet. I'll keep them up there for another week, on the next update, I will only leave the titles on the list which have a full explanation why they are there. That update will then be considered Version 1.0 of the Video Game Canon. If you want to participate in the discussions or suggest new games, head over to the Forums.
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