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Halo 3 ODST OST Samples: My Two Cents


Say what you will about the Halo series� gameplay and story. I can understand when people tell me that they don�t like it, but I will not have someone speaking negatively of the game�s music. It has been some of the most spectacularly memorable stuff I�ve heard in a long while. Halo 3 ODST hasn�t changed this.

With each sequel, Bungie�s audio team has always given that well known theme a slight twist. Marty O�Donnell, however, has dropped the monks in favor of a more noir jazzy theme to fit the game�s slightly new direction. It sounds smoother and a bit eerie at times. Though Marty hasn�t given up on those grandiose compositions there is a more personal feel to the score. It�s a nice mix of �epic� and ominous loneliness.

Don�t believe me? Check it out for yourself. Bungie released a few samples for your listening pleasure around 3 days ago. I thought you'd enjoy them. Just please don�t make a mess of things once your ears orgasm.

ODST Theme
Traffic Jam
Neon Light

Rain and Neon Light are my personal favorite of the four. They�re the two that encapsulate ODST�s new that noir lonely theme that Bungie�s Joseph Staten has been going on about. I do really enjoy the wailing guitars in Traffic Jam, though it does feel a bit montage "let's get pumped". Not that it's a bad thing. The subtle snare drums giving way to the aggressive violins and then transitioning to the savage electric guitar -- fantastic. Is that Steve Vai again, Marty?

So, what do you think? Dig the new music?
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