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Skies of Arcadia Video Review, Dreamcast Collection, and more! Happy 10th!

Hey guys, joining in on the Dreamcast Love-in. Everyone's gone over why the dreamcast is so great, so this time I'm focusing on Skies of Arcadia with a Video Review, Showing off my Dreamcast Collection, and some awesome Virtual On Figures!!!

Those who know me knoww that I absolutely LOVE the dreamcast (who doesn't!). And my favorite game ever came out on the dreamcast (actually it's the reason I bought my first dreamcast), Skies of Arcadia! I haven't done a video in a while and my editing/movie making skills were less then stellar then before but I'm extremely pretty happy with how it came out. This one is much longer and took a lot longer to make then my other.

I just want everyone to know how much I HATED playing skies on the emulator :| It's terrible, there's random slowdowns. Sometimes the menu slow down sometimes they don't, clouds all have pixels at the end, the effects are messed up. For some reason the font is different. It also runs a little bit faster... I suffered!!! SUFFERAGE!! Ah well ;p

Without further ado here's it is!


For some reason the embed is not working so I have to give you links sorry :( Keeps saying "Assertion Failed: bad pk"

Hopefully this will get at least one person to try the game! I tried real hard to avoid spoilers so someone new could get into it without anything being ruined for them!

That's all folks! Thanks for reading and HAPPY DREAMCAST NA RELEASE 10th BIRTHDAY WOO!!

Note: Any constructive criticisms about the video would be awesome, just note that that's about the best of my ability to edit :( So that's it for now! Please be gentle, even if it's not my first time :P
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