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inFamous vs Assassin's Creed

I recently finished inFamous and came away from the experience very underwhelmed. I bought the game based on the hype and subsequent stellar review score from ign. In retrospect, I wish I would have been aware of Destructoid before making the purchase since the 3 reviews of inFamous posted here are much more akin to my feelings on the game, and I echo both positive and negative sentiments presented by the reviewers. As for Anthony's Assassin's Creed review, I don't disagree with any of his gripes and the score is certainly fair, but I may have just enjoyed the game more than he did as I would have rated it higher than inFamous.

While it may seem like I'm comparing apples and oranges here, I don't think the games are terribly dissimilar. They both feature large, GTA style open worlds. The protagonists explore their respective cities by means of free-roaming Parkour. You unlock new moves and abilities as you progress through the campaign. You have to endure insufferably repetitious side quests in both (which were noted as negatives in almost every review of either game)

And they both star angsty, non-descript white guys who look like they belong in a Gap commercial:


Ok, technically it's an explosion, not a war that ripped the city to shreds, but enough is enough. Are gamers really not sick of trudging through the same crumbling grey/brown metropolis? I certainly am. And I'm a gamer. So I can only conclude that everyone shares this feeling. My logic is infallible.

The sole reason I picked up Mirror's Edge was because it DID NOT take place in a goddamned war-torn city. On the contrary, the cityscape is quite intact, and there was actually a color palette consisting of more than "muddy stone". I'm not saying inFamous isn't gorgeous to look at because it certainly is, but my patience is at an end with the gaming industry assuming that post apocalypse is synonymous with epic. Assassin's Creed may have had a muted color scheme, but at least the environments were more original and thus more interesting to traverse.

It would have been nice if I'd had a 3rd reason. That would have been a nice tidy list. But I don't, really, so you get 2.
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