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Why Refused Classification is the Best Podcast Ever/ How You'll Recognize Me At PAX

Now, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering to yourselves "How will I recognize TheCleaningGuy at PAX? He seems like an amazing, intelligent, and incredibly attractive person from his comments, and I really want to meet him! But how will I recognize him in the sold-out crowd? He's never posted a picture of himself before, nor has he ever been to a NARP!" Well, read on, lovely Dtoider, and be enlightened as to how you will recognize me (and see a photo).

Or, if you don't give a damn about that, and you were wondering "Should I listen to that strange Australian podcast that shows up every fortnight? I've always been interested, but just needed one guest testimonial to push me over the edge" then you can read on, too.

First of all, a little bit of backstory... Anyone who has listened to Refused Classification knows that I am a huge fan. Nothing makes me happier than to bombard these poor bastards with a cavalcade of questions. Well, sometime around episode 7, our hosts Hugh Jackman, DahhhhnnnnnMazkiiiiiiinnnnn, and that one guy who curses a lot, reposts things, and can't hold his liquor got drunk enough to think it was a good idea to invite me to co-host their podcast. A couple weeks, careful timezone planning, a missed recording date, and a few Skype/computer crashes later, Episode 8 was born.

For some bizarre reason, these backwards Australians thought it would be a good idea to reward me for causing all sorts of damage to their podcast, and keeping them up late. I gave them my address and T-shirt size and a few days before my birthday (They didn't know about my birthday, but I like to pretend they did), I received the greatest single T-shirt I have ever seen.

That's right mofos.

This will be how you recognize me on Friday, when I enter PAX for the third year running. I will be the only person at PAX with a custom Servbot shirt, made exclusively by the amazing, sexy, and creative people who host Refused Classification.

So thank you very much James, Dan, and Moses. I absolutely love you guys and just want to let you know how grateful I am. You guys are amazing, and I'll be sporting your custom threads at PAX!
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