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What were your favorite Colossi?

*Semi-spoilers* (if you haven't played SotC and don't want to have any of the colossi ruined for you, stop right here). However, I'm not going to give away any plot details.

I figured I'd touch on something positive since my first blog post was negatively skewed. Although I must say, all the comments seem very thoughtful and encouraging of genuine debate as opposed to the mindless trolling I've encountered on other sites. Well done, Destructoid! I like that I've found a place that fosters actual conversation as opposed to pointless flaming.

Anyway, I'm very very late to the game, but I got Shadow of the Colossus from Goozex and just finished it a few days ago. Back in the day I only had a gamecube, and this was the one game that made me extremely jealous of PS2 owners. When I bought my PS3, this game served as my main justifications for ludicrous price (I bought the MGS4 bundle on amazon that was still backwards compatible). I can now say with complete confidence that Shadow alone made the $500+ system purchase worth the price of admission.

Stunning. Absolute brilliance. I thought the days were long past that I could be so blown away by a game. If you haven't yet checked it out, do yourself a favor and pick it up immediately.

I'm not going to review the game as it's pretty clear where I stand. Instead I'd rather ask my fellow Dtoiders what your favorite colossi were, as it seems the overall experience is different for everyone.

As for me, my favorites began right here:

The climax to Return of the King in boss fight form

So this blog turned out way longer than I had anticipated, a clear reminder of my inability to shut up about this phenomenal game. But I pose the question now to you: which colossi were your favorites? Why?
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