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Thanks, Assho- uh, Tim Langdell


Source image from the IGDA website, still not updated to reflect his departure

Tim Langdell is kind of a dick. As kind of a dick myself, I should know. Now, I may never have incited a legal tussle over the word "edge" - but, I've also never mobilized the International Game Developers' Association for anything, let alone anything that isn't a GDC party. I'd stop short of calling Tim an hero, but in his own misguided way, much like how the Grinch saved Christmas, he has actually accomplished something.

Langdell's stepping-down from the IGDA board this morning, averting an upcoming IGDA vote for his removal, is the latest consequence in his lengthy campaign of being incredibly stubborn about the "EDGE" trademark name. Hopefully the last consequence - his resignation statement seems to indicate that, though ignorant and unrepentant toward his retarded campaign for ownership of a common noun - I mean come on, not even Microsoft gets away with that shit all the time - he is at least willing to give it up for the IGDA's sake.

And though his stepping down from the board is a move to protect the organization, he has arguably helped it even more by making himself into a centralized villain, and bringing the IGDA to action against him. I've received more igda.org email in the past month, explicitly or implicitly about removing Tim Langdell, than I had in my previous two years of membership.

Admittely I'm not much of an active member (...I joined for the discounts). But what I once saw as a toothless website, from which I'd occasionally receive a newsletter, has now organized itself into a real, viable entity. They've re-examined their leadership and bylaws - implemented measures to counteract administrative misbehavior, and to take emergency action - and, for the first time that I'm aware of, actually organized a meeting for some purpose. Hell, the Langdell mess even got the IGDA to standardize their external communication, which itself was a reaction to some concerned, if heavy-handed, IGDA members building a petition against him.

So thanks, Tim Langdell, for helping the IGDA find its own ass and put some goddamn pants on. With any luck, this renewed energy will carry over into doing some real good in the game industry. And if you stop making yourself look like a retard to everyone around you, you might just be able to cut your losses on this whole EDGE thing.

Now, we can all get back to our day-to-day space marine activities.
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