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PC Gaming and why it is not something I do.

After reading an interesting article about raucous point-and-click adventure title Time Gentlemen, Please! I bit the bullet and thought I'd install the demo and try it out. After a short installation on Steam I was greeted with the following upon trying to play the game.

Thanks, stupid pop-up, you have relieved me of the burden of getting to play the game I want to play.

Thus, I begin the trial of checking to find the setup programme (which appears not to exist), then the Steam website for support (no help), the Zombie Cow website for support (no help), the Adventure Game Studio website for support (no help), then check my graphics drivers are up-to-date (no help), before eventually giving up.

If I want to play this game, I will have to continue trawling the internet and/or my OS to try and solve a ridiculous puzzle that has been presented to me. After which I may well identify that it cannot be solved as the result of some technical aspect of my laptop being amiss, such as my graphics card being unable to render polygons the way the game likes them rendered, so I am simply left defeated.

I'm sure that there are some chip jockeys out there who are likely to scoff at my exploits, demanding why I'm not more au fait with my OS and hardware, or why I cannot decipher the riddle with ease, drill into the menu choices lodged within Vista's bowels, adjust the required checkboxes and menus and get the game running.

I'm sorry, but I just wanted to relax and play a game.

PC stalwarts will insist that it is worth the hassle to play games such as Crysis that consoles are yet to replicate in beauty and depth of physics, and games such as Left 4 Dead that really come into their own with community levels and mods. To some degree they are quite right. However, there seems so much heartache to get to that point, when I can just pick up a 360 controller to play Halo 3, or a PS3 controller to play Killzone 2, and gain access to experiences that are as unique any PC title. All with the added bonus of gaining that experience straight away, with comfort and ease.

This is why PC gaming is not something I do.
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