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Mana Khemia 2 impressions


I loved the first Mana Khemia, and I played the psp version................ yeah. Even with all the technical bugs and game crash, I enjoyed it a lot. So, I was pretty excited to play the second one, this time on PS2. It is actually a sequel based in the same universe, compared to the Atelier Iris series. In the package you get a somewhat big poster, and the soundtrack. Neat.

You get to go back to Al-Revis academy, years later. If you enjoyed your first trip, you're gonna love the little details. Old characters making a come back? Flay, OMG FLAY. Zeppel, teehee, he has a moustache now. Like the first game, you choose classes, you earn grades. You synthesize items to expand your grow book and with the fighting experience you gain you can level up based on what you have synthesized. It was a winning formula, it still is. The grow book is a lot simpler now. No need to scroll back and forth.

Combat wise, the system remains the same, but the looks have changed. It actually makes sense to me now, I dunno, the old card based system didn't sit right with me. There's surely more to it. I haven't played enough yet.

HELL YEAH, I WON................. a plant?

The gathering system changed. There wasn't much to it before, so adding depth is a good thing. But, a slot machine, really?

My impression so far is this : <3. You just wanna the game by the cheek like : "Daaaawwww, you're so adorable!". I fell in love with the details, the usual art style. It's a world I enjoyed before, and I won't mind going back. If you liked the first one, chances are you'll get this one. It's not for everyone. But I consider this game to be the last good PS2 RPG. Don't miss out on this one.

Thank you NISa.
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