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PAX Supplies: An Overview: No Crumbs Edition. (FAILBLOG)


1) Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel
Because a gamer's beard is made up of some of the worst god forsaken rocks ever to be forged in the depths of hell and is therefore a formidable opponent. But I have the answer.

2) Body Wash
To clean off the crabs that will no doubt take every chance they can to launch themselves at my crotch.

3) Shampoo
To clean off the head crabs that will no doubt take every chance they can to launch themselves at my head.

4) Dental Travel Pack
Because this is a vacation, a time to relax in the comfort of luxury. And nothing spells luxury quite like brushing your teeth with the dental equivalent of steel wool!

5) Hand Sanitizer
An acid to burn off the quarter inch layer of filth and disease accumulated by handling the same objects as thousands of other gamers.

6) Ear Plugs
Because sleeping on a plane is difficult without these babies.

7) Compressed Smelly Air
Because I care about the Ladies.
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