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Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy Info


I just saw on the front page the Trailer for an upcoming Mario Kart fan movie, and i just remind (and comment) about a lot of fan movie trailers on the net, someones are just the trailer made it for fun and others are presented as future full lenght releases. From the last one, a few (for not saying anyone) get a real full lenght release. But i was just curious about one that I mentioned on my comment at that topic. MGS: Philanthropy. I haven't seen any info on Dtoid about this in a while, so, here we go.

Before we continue, if don't have any idea of what i'm talking about, here, take this.

Next Gen Trailer
Trailer 2
[The embed isn't working for me, sorry about that T__T]

So I started to Google it and see what's going on (I haven't heard a single thing about that since last november) and i got a lot of surprises. I mean, A LOT.

First of all, the shooting of this non profit movie ended last January. The huge delay was because they film location was demolished but now the Movie is ready. Since January they were working on the film post production and music.

About the music, it's going to have original score, by the Hybrid Two guys, it's pretty amazing, you can download a sample here or listen on his website. Every week till the release, they gonna upload more OST stuff here.

And the most OMG thing, they got Aoife Ferry, the "The Best It's Yet to Come" Singer, from MGS1, just to perform the ending song for the movie.

And finally, we are just 1 month away from the release of this 65 minute lenght movie, on September 27th, 2009.

Personally, as MGS fan, i have a lot of faith in this, for being a non profit fan movie it really looks very DAMN impressive

It's going to be available on YouTube, Vimeo and for download on his site, and they are planning a free .ISO release in a near future. So i just want to share this info with you guys.

You can check their official website for more info and a sneak peak of the Aoife song. Also, I love the style of the Intro, with countdown and all (just like the E3 Kojima's teasers). So, what do you think, someone else excited?
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