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MSS: Making Street Fighter Look Good Edition

Only two shows left before PAX! (Including this one) PAAAAAAAAX!!!!

... Anyway, this weeks experiment is a little made for TV movie called Overdrawn at the Memory Bank and stars none other than Ra�l Juli�. It was the last in what the network wanted to be a series of science fiction films. Overdrawn is based on a 1976 short story by John Varley and was video taped with extensive chroma key work instead of filmed. Yeah, this is one of the more boring "just the facts" explanations.

Livestream having trouble with YouTube uploads has brought forth a slightly different pre-show line up this week with an hour of Freakazoid! and Earthworm Jim, so if either of these is your favorite part of the line up this is really your week!

5:00PM PST
Pre-Show: The Real Ghostbusters

As always if you wanna see something in particular let it be known in the comments.

(go here if the above isn't working)
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