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The sun will shine again very soon.

Golden Sun

The RPG that made me fall in love with RPGs. I got through both games 6 times, and I plan to do it again soon.

With the announcement of Golden sun DS, I want to look back, as a fan, at what made me love this game so much.

The djinns : the search that spans two games.

I had a game on emulator just before Saturos and Menardi.

I wasn't using much psynergy, except healing ones. I was depending on Djinns to battle. It was an addicting challenge to use them, making yourself weaker temporally to get a lot more attack. You had to predict the outcome and the danger of your choices. Did you choose to keep Mia with full Djinn so she could heal more? Or did you use them anyway? I loved that way of battling.

Exploring to get them without a guide? That's a satisfaction right there. Exploring every corners of the worlds, random battle.......... a DJINN !!!! OoO Priceless. Kinda like rare pokemon hunting.

What were your favourite Djinn(s)? Across the 2 games, I choose Flash. Best. protection. evar.

The summons : Pretty but deadly.

Getting yourself vulnerable to unleash deadly attacks, it's awesome. The summons are great, especially in the Lost Age. I'd have to say I prefer Eclipse and Haures, they're easy and fast to summons. And the more you use them, the more powerful the attacks get. Iris KICKS ASS but she's more risky to unleash, as you get very weak in the process.

During epic battles, like Dullahan, safety comes first. If you gamble too much, you'll get Charon on your ass, expect a couple deaths. XD

What are your favourite Summons?

What else? It's charming, it's beautiful, satisfying to play. You care and wonder about the world when you leave it behind. Does Alex come back? How's Weyard going to change? Will it expand? I want to know if Lemuria will shine again. There's so much we all need to know. It actually pisses me off when I find lots and lots of used copies at Gamestop/Ebgames. How can someone not like this game? Then It hits me, I'm a Golden Sun fanboy. Well, a fanboy that STFU about it, so I'm good.

The sun will shine again very soon. The wait is almost over, wait, wut? The true wait starts now.......... wait, wut? Exactly, you know we will have wait another year before getting our hands on it. Time passes SLOWLY when you wait for something.

Damn, just talking about it makes me want to play right away. Screw sleeping, I need my nostalgia pill. :P
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