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"Silence": Probably the best Silent Hill music tribute you ever heard.


Hi guys, i want to show you this.

"Silence" is the lastest work of Aja Williams A.K.A. Renard, this canadian it's a great musician, has realeased a lot of tunes, even a dancing game called Mungyodance (a Stepmania based game). Very talented guy if you ask me.

Tonight he realesed probably the best music tribute to one of the greatest horror games of all, Silent Hill. This album of 30 minutes aprox. captures all the atmosfere of this game, famous by the Akira Yamaoka work on it. I just listened in the darkness of my room and i just got scared the hell out. This work it's just awesome and I really thinks that deserve promotion. If you have to time, listen to it.

So, enough of talking, just listening. The entire album is on YouTube, so let's check it out. And follow his instructions, it's a lot more enjoyable.

if you really like it, support Renard by buying this for just 5 dollars at his store. It's a good deal to me. personally im planing on doing something cool whit this stuff, a video could be.

Thanks for your time, see you later!

P.D.: This friday im going to post a sum of what's going on whit the Spanish/Biling�al podcast ;) (Este viernes posteare un resumen con el sumario de que esta ocurriendo con el podcast espa�ol/bilingue)
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