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Spielberg wants to produce Halo movie


Source: IESB

As growing speculation surrounds the will-they won't-they movie adaptation of Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie's Golden Boy, IESB have super-duper-secret-sworn that a source has confirmed Steven Spielberg is in active negotiations to produce the movie based on Stuart Beattie's "Halo: The Fall Of Reach" script.

I have two thoughts on this:

Firstly, this new information is exciting news that the Halo universe is set to get the big-screen adaptation that the games and novels have always suggested could be critically as well as commercially successful.

Secondly, all videogame movies are cinematic silage. The Transformers movies were produced by Steven Spielberg and should have been renamed "Robots, Massive Explosions and Megan Fox's Body: The Movie". The plot was largely irrelevant and the characters were cookie-cutter action archetypes, hastily thrown from awkward comedy to bombastic special effect porn. The use of the Transformers franchise was merely garnish to get bums on seats and recognisible figures with commercial value in shot.

The Halo universe needs to be treated more light-handedly than a toy range to be considered worthy of celluloid translation.

Best of luck to him if he gets it though.

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