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Short: A Big Thank You


I being around here like a year in Destructoid, I know I never write anything because im very lazy, but it�s really nice to see that the community receive whit arms open the new dtoiders and everyone that want to express their opinions.
I�m just giving a big THANK YOU to all in the community for being awesome and accept everyone. I know, this maybe sounds like I want to lick somebody boots, but it isn�t. I really appreciate you all for the support on the new guys and it�s nice to see that we have a huge platform like Destructoid to express ourselves here.My English just sucks but it�s nice to know that someone is reading you and also I�m reading you guys.

That�s it and I really want it to blog this. Maybe it�s a Fail, maybe not, but that�s all I want to say. Thanks for being awesome ;)

(If I never blog something I would never know, and now I know it, you rule guys ^^)

P.S: I�m a little drunk but if I don�t do this now, I probably never going to do it. Thanks Dtoid and Dtoiders, for make my life more happy ^^
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