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Aborto's Ultimate Tag Team Contest: Ultimate Team of Unlimited Ultimateness

It's time to throw down my entry into Aborto's swag contest.

Now as a long time RPG player I have learned a few tricks when it comes to assembling the ultimate team in a game. There is a reason most RPG's use the same character archetypes in all popular games where teamwork is called for. Based on REASONS I'll be using the same method in selecting my patented “Ultimate Tag Team of Unlimited Ultimateness” (catchy isn't it?).

First, you need your hero type. This character should be able to effective in any given circumstance since he's your go to guy. Ideally a swordsman who dabbles in some magic so he's not gimped against ranged opponents.

PICK ONE : The hero

Ty Rannosaurus AkA: The T Rex from DinoCrisis

Oh yes, I went there. While my team was already perfect there is one slight potential issue I've become aware of when reviewing my picks. Witchers are infamous for their insatiable libidos and Dark Phoenix isn't exactly a prude. In the off chance that during the course of the battle my first choices were to sneak off for some nooky I'd be left high and dry. Fortunately I have a fail safe backup plan in the form of the largest known land predator.

No button mashing combos needed here, the T Rex just runs around stomping and biting at everything in its path until it is good and dead. Nothing short of a well placed explosive could stop this rampaging behemoth. This is domination in its most primal form and its the final member of my “Ultimate Tag Team of Unlimited Ultimateness.”

In case your chin is still firmly planted on your chest from when it dropped earlier here's a quick recap of my team. 1. Geralt (awesome) 2. Dark Phoenix (super powerful) 3. T Rex (get in the choppa, oh wait he ATE it).

Everyone else can pack up and go home, this team wins everything. Ultimate Win!
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