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I Suck at Games: Fighting scars that never heals


A few months early, I just got the news that Street Fighter IV will be on PC. Sadly, I have no console, and hoping that my laptop will carry on, I get my copy. It sucks to have to play it on minimum graphics, but still ok.

You�re May are wondering �If he hates fighting games �Why did he get Street Fighter IV?� It�s simple, I just get everything that generates a lot of hype (it�s has to be good, right?) and I just want to give it a try (Wrong, I just feel in love whit Sakura, that�s all).

I don�t have any kind of joystick, I just played it whit the damn keyboard, and the same history repeats. I just kick and punch, that�s all I got, I just got lucky to get El Fuerte�s Ultra once. Can you believe I just play Arcade Mode on SuperEasy!? And I can�t beat my rival? I have spent like� 2 hours, 2 freaking hours to beat my rival in fact to unlock Sakura, just to know that I have to defeat another character that took me another hour and a half!?

If I hate these games �How the hell I waste and resist son much? (here comes the explanation for all the crap I just write before, thanks for you patience and reading). Because everytime I defeated a fighter, it was like �Hey, I really can do this� (even if there was on SuperFreakinEasy) and I just mash the buttons and the Super�s start to appears, I have no idea what I was doing but it was really enjoyable (just like when I try Wii Music, I enjoyed it so much, but then I realize I just look retarded doing that), and when it appears the Rival and the Final Boss, just the atmosphere and the feeling of you�re getting your ass kicked again and again and again, feeling my heart beating, adrenaline everywhere, sweet, pain, angry, a perfect mixture between pleasure and torture that I haven�t had it since the first time I fight Bowser on Super Mario 64, it was AMAZING!! And then I understand why everybody loves the fighting games, and my life as a gamer grown up a little bit inside.

But I still suck, I just can�t beat Zangief whit El Fuerte.

Oh well, I have Sakura-chan *�*
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