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Aborto's Ultimate Tag Team Contest: Zombypus Wants That Magnet Edition...

So here goes my entry for Aborto’s Comic-Con swag contest, because I could really use a Deadpool magnet, among other things.

Top spot goes to Deadpool. Not only is he my favorite comic character, but he’d really be great in a fighting game regardless. If done right he’d have a good mix of ranged and melee attacks, what with his expertise with guns and swords. Then there’s the healing factor that’ll keep him going and help make up for all of my suck and lack of fighting game prowess.

Next I’d have Taskmaster. He has a long history with Deadpool, and I really became a fan when his solo miniseries from Udon came out. They made him a total badass, and even though Marvel has decided to take him back to his Skeletor look, he’s still retained that cool factor he gained. At least in my eyes he has. I see Tasky as being something like Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat, only instead of turning into his opponents he’d be able to mimic the move sets of anybody in the game. I’d have it work something like you being able to pick three characters' move sets to take into the fight with you before each match, since it’d be practically impossible to map and keep track of the button presses required to swap between 50+ fighting styles in the midst of a round. You’d pick Taskmaster, then select three other characters for him to ape and which of Tasky’s three predetermined slots they should go into.

The third and final character was a bit harder to settle on, and Aborto leaving it open to characters outside of Marvel and Capcom didn‘t make my decision any easier. There’s so many characters I love. Chad’s recent Memory Card on the Windfish’s Dream, and my love of Link’s Awakening in general had me leaning towards Link, but he’s gotten enough attention with all the Smash Bros games, so I’m going with Mike from StarTropics. I’ve complained before that StarTropics is all but forgotten by Nintendo, and I really want to see more from that series, so yeah… Mike. I see Mike as being average sized to relatively small compared to other fighters, with slightly above average agility. He’d have to use his island yo-yo as his default attack, giving him a medium range for most attacks. He’d have his baseball bat for heavy hitting up close attacks and his slingshot for weaker attacks from across the screen. Maybe Nav-Com (Rob) could be used in his assist, or as part of a special attack.

So, there go my picks for my three man team. What say you, Aborto?!

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