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New PSTriple Owner!


Yesterday was an awesome day for videogames. I had originally planned on doing nothing but play Marvel vs. Capcom 2 all day but that didnít exactly work out. My girlfriend wanted to do some shopping and she convinced me to come along by telling me we could go to GameStop and pre-order all the games on our list (Batman: Arkham Asylum, CoD: MW2, Beatles Rockband and for me, Scribblenauts). Well, we did our shopping and I was doing my usual bitching like I am wont to do when Iím doing something against my will. We got to GameStop and my little lady marched right up to the counter and asked the following question of the cashier:

ďDo you have a 60 gig Playstation 3?Ē

I was stunned, I was expecting her to just get her preorders and be done with it. Instead, she was apparently buying a Playstation 3 and the 60 gig one too, which was probably because I never shut up about how the 60 gig is the one to own because of the Emotion Engine. I asked her what was up and she told me she was just tired of waiting. I wasnít going to complain!

It turns out they didnít have a 60 gig Playstation, but a store about 10 minutes away did. We decided to go there as soon as we were done with our preorders. In the middle of having our preorders taken care of, I randomly looked down behind the counter. Greeting my eyes was none other than a Madcatz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition arcade stick. It was the first one I had ever seen in a store (I ordered mine directly from Madcatz) and I immediately told my girl what it was. You see, she had just decided that she wanted to get herself an arcade stick so she could play all these fighting games on the same level Iím at. It was just pure coincidence that we found one on the same day. She decided to not pre-order CoD: MW2 so that she could afford it and we walked out of there the proud new owners of a second TE arcade stick.

We made our way to the second GameStop and sure enough they had the 60 gig waiting for us. We were beyond excited and went to pick out some games. I tried talking her into Resistance 1 and 2 as well as MotorStorm but she wasnít interested. We end up getting Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, Devil May Cry 4 (the collectorís edition!) and Army of Two. The PS3 was used obviously, being a 60 gig, and came with a Sixaxis controller. We bought a brand new Dual Shock 3, a couple of wireless headsets, the PS3 eye and we were done. Iím particularly excited that we own a Sixaxis, these things will be hard to find in a few years.

So yeah, I had an awesome day yesterday and Iím now the proud owner of a 60 gig PS3. This is awesome because 1) itís a PS3 and will allow me to play all the exclusives Iíve been missing out on (Uncharted, Valkyria Chronicles) and 2) thanks to the Emotion Engine, Iíll be able to play all the PS2 titles I need to beat: God of War II, Metal Gear Solid 3, Persona 3 and Shadow of the Colossus. I really couldnít be more excited than I am right now.

So send me a friend request, my PSN name is DaedHead8, as usual. Obviously I donít have a lot of games at the moment, but that will change and soon. Iím planning on getting the Resistance and MotorStorm games ASAP as well as Valkyria Chronicles and as soon as I dual-mod my arcade stick Iíll be re-buying a number of fighting games for the Triple, SFIV and BlazBlue included. So hit me up!
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