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Top 9 Import-Worthy European DS Games

One of the many great things about the DS is that itís inherently region-free; that is, can play games from any country, no modding required. There are some Japanese DS games that have practically become required playing for true fans of the system Ė Ouendan, Taiko DS, and Jump Ultimate Stars just to name a few.

Yet for all the attention thatís been paid to Japanese DS games, no oneís pointed out all the great games the system has in Europe that we havenít seen here in America. Sometimes Europe gets great Japanese games localized that donít come to the States for one reason or another, others are made in Europe for that market. So, here are my picks for the 9 best games worth dropping a few Euros on.

1. Freshly-Picked Tingleís Rosy Rupeeland

More than likely youíve heard of this one, which stars bizarre man-elf Tingle (from the Legend of Zelda series) in some kind of weird action-RPG. Maybe youíve thought about tracking down a copy, but you havenít because youíre not that big a Tingle fan, or it just looks too strange.

Well, Iíve never been a big Zelda fan (Linkís Awakening is the only one Iíve ever even finished) and I loved this game. And yes, while it is very strange, itís also one of the most unique and fun action-RPGs youíre going to find on the DS, or any other system for that matter.

Donít worry about the story, which is nonsense. The game is brilliant for the way it takes every RPG stat (strength, health, money, experience) and merging it into one number to keep track of: Rupees. Tingle is obsessed with the valuable gems, so much so that theyíre used for literally everything in the game. Take damage in combat? Lose some Rupees. Need to buy something from the shop? Spend your Rupees. Need to befriend someone before theyíll give you the info you need to continue your quest? Grease their palms with some Rupees.

Thereís tons of stuff to do in the game (fight monsters, solve quests, explore dungeons, cook new items, map uncharted territory) so youíll never be bored. Combine that with the extremely innovative gameplay and some great 2D sprite-based artwork, and you have the must-play European DS game.

Hopefully youíve seen something here that caught your attention. US gamers, when you think youíve played all the great stuff Nintendoís little two-screened handheld has to offer, donít forget about all the great games you can find just across the Atlantic.
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