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Why Winston is Unquestionably the Best Ghostbuster: A Detailed Compendium of My Rationale


After completing a play-through of the new Ghostbusters game and carefully scrutinizing the qualities of each individual Ghostbuster, it dawned on me how outrageously superior Winston is to his teammates (even if you include Rick Moreanus). Below I've described the fundamental principles behind my claim.

NOTE: Anyone interested in engaging in a structured, Oxford-style debate on the matter, please remember to use proper MLA Formatting when citing your sources. Also, please maintain parallel structure within your bibliography; a common mistake is to list one journal using its abbreviation (e.g., "The Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology" as simply "Jpn J Clin Oncol") while using full journal names for other references. There is no excuse for such lazy errors.

That being said, I'll begin to outline my argument.

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