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And now, introducing........ME (My insanely late introduction (better late than never))

Hey everyone. I know you've seen my reviews on the page, but I was told that I should probably go and introduce myself. Well I'm BlurryPhoenix. As you can tell, I LOVE Sonic the Hedgehog games. I grew up playing the SEGA Genesis, and I still currently have it hooked up to my TV. I work for a super amazing gaming store called BragGame Rights. If you're asking yourself "what the hell is BragGame Rights?" you aren't wrong to ask yourself that. Currently there's only 1 open, and it's in the frigid Duluth, MN. I own a Wii, kinda regretting the fact that nothing is being released for it that has any resemblance of a "video game." My gamertag on Xbox Live is BlurryPhoenix (ha, big surprise there). I've started writing reviews for both this site and the BragGame Rights forum just for the fun of it. I was really hoping that I could start writing reviews for Destructoid (hint, hint Niero or Jim Sterling (whoever I have to hint towards)). The thing that really turned me over to Destructoid was the podcasts. I started listening to Podtoid and found it HILARIOUS beyond belief. Then following that with Retroforce GO! and Podcastle, my week was set. I tended to listen to the podcasts while working at the movie theater that I worked at as a projectionist, putting movies together. I'm glad that people enjoy my rating system. I realize how confusing it can get without the legend on the side. But just as long as people agree with my rating, I'm perfectly happy.

Well, I'm not sure what else to add on here, so I hope that this is sufficient.
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