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A Sad Day in Bargain Bin Hunting


The back of the game states there�s only supposed to be three discs...d�oh

The game itself is spread over three discs, and the fourth disc is a bonus, but these details are lost on the new guy at EB.

So I paid three dollars for a game, and got ripped off.


So I had hastily planned to get the expensive part of the game for $3, and try and salvage the rest from incomplete ebay lots, but I�ve evidently got a copy that�s more spare parts than game. Now I�d just like to make someone else�s copy complete, and find some sort of happy ending for this.

If anyone needs some of the discs I�ve got, or maybe wants the paper inserts out of the jewel case to replace some damaged ones or something, I would be happy to send them to you free of charge. I�m not sure under what circumstances (besides my unfortunate case) another copy of the game would get split up like this, but if you�ve found yourself just missing a disc 2 or something, let me know. Right now I just want to dismantle it for the sweet, sweet double case that I can use to replace one of my damaged cases on a different game, but everything else is up for grabs.
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